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Dear Internet,

If you commission a knitted object -- that is, if you ask a knitter to make you a thing -- the knitter will often expect that you at least pay for any yarn or trimmings s/he does not already own. In the knitting community, this is not considered selling your work; it's just covering the cost of materials. Occasionally there are exceptions to this if the knitter likes you a lot, or if the thing is for a Big Occasion present, but don't assume that it's an exception unless it's been made clear that both labor and materials are part of the gift. If, when talking about possible materials, price is one of the considerations, that's almost certainly because the knitter thinks that you're paying for it.


(I probably would not have taken on this project if I'd realized that it included a $25 investment, but at this point, I just want her to take the blanket and be happy with it, and for this not to be awkward anymore. I certainly don't want the blanket back. What am I going to do with a large and somewhat boring baby blanket?)

Well, things to make EXTRA CLEAR next time. I guess it just didn't occur to me that someone wouldn't expect to pay for materials when she requested the object.

. . . and this is why I often avoid working on commission; it just seems to get complicated. And part of why I laugh so hard when people tell me I could sell my knitting.
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So, two-plus inches of knitting after turning the heel and progressing onto the foot of my sock, I'm suddenly suspicious that I knit one less pattern repeat on the leg of the second sock than I did on the first one. Actually, I'm almost sure of it, but I'm holding off on ripping it out until I can go home and compare the two socks.

*sigh* I was so proud of myself for how far along it was.

. . . and I had tally marks and EVERYTHING. But apparently four is too big a number to count to.

Dear internet, please post this.
For that matter, because continue to have enough of a trickle of life to distract me for the next two hours.


1 November 2011 08:57 am
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Downloading Ubuntu Server. It's 682 MB, and the low end of my download speed is 6.6 KB/sec. I have seen it get has high as 200 and some KB/sec, but mostly it's hanging out somewhere between 10 KB/sec and 150 KB/sec.

Abraham says that I should start downloading now so that when the guys get here, I can give them the installation CD. I should've started when I arrived at work (and the network was marginally faster). Maybe then it would've been done by lunchtime. Although considering that the current estimate is over ten hours, maybe not.

Oh, the joys of internet in Africa.

In good news, I actually have work to do (albeit 'start this download and then wait until it finishes') and there is electricity and internet, and I'm on the second-to-last row of my Laminaria.
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What with the whole PREPARING TO GO TO ZAMBIA thing (I leave for orientation on Thursday), this is an issue of relevance for me. A printout of this webpage is going to live semi-permanently with my knitting stuff (and I'm not sure that I won't buy an extra set of Size 1 needles at the yarn store on Wednesday, just to be safe, in case someone decides to confiscate mine, or they break, or something.

But for your reference: http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/assistant/editorial_1252.shtm

It doesn't say anything about sewing needles or safety pins, though. Luckily none of my imminent projects need stitch markers, so I guess they can live in the checked baggage.
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I will be teaching a J-term class, Spinning and Fibercrafts.

Time and location to be announced, but if you're interested, here's what I submitted as my proposal. )
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CMoore has parrots. I had no idea. They aren't what one usually thinks of with parrots; not the two-foot-tall, so-bright-it's-violent-plumage birds. Instead, they are slightly taller than my hand is long, with green-and cream plumage and a bit of yellow, plus an orangey or black head (and if you're saying, "um, I would call that bright," they don't have any blue or red). They burble and chitter cheerfully. It makes a change from the hum and rumbles of computers and various other pieces of hardware.

I have decided that I much prefer boring shifts, if yesterday was an example of interesting. We don't seem to have enough people working in the labs, so that there isn't a second person if you need to run out and do something. I needed to bring a laptop over to Seelye, and grabbed the wrong keys (keys had been one part of the "this is the CMP" lecture that was apparently forgotten), and then got locked out. Worse, the keys did fit the door - they just refused to turn. And poor Ellie2 was already practically pulling her hair out because the laptop I brought over was the fifth laptop she had tried for a classroom support job where they were watching a movie. Me being locked out didn't help her blood pressure, I'm sure.
So we waited for Public Safety to come unlock the door. The rest of my shift was boring, and I was quite thankful.
Of course, I suppose the parrots are interesting, too, and I don't mind those.

As for classes, both Educational Psychology and Sex and the Medieval City (my Spanish class) look like they'll be quite interesting. The only unusual thing there was that the Spanish prof asked me not to knit in class. Not because it bothered her, but because she'd had trouble in the past with it bothering other students but them not saying so. I was a little freaked out when first thing she asked to see me after class, but then it was just about the knitting.
I suppose that if someone knitted noisily, that might be annoying, but I have a nice set of bamboo needles (swiped from my mother - that is, she needed the size nine needles I was using, and when she gave me some back, she gave me the bamboo because the others were holding her knitting together), and they're very quiet. It seems strange to me, but I don't need to knit in class.
Have you ever been bothered by people knitting in one of your classes? Or knitted in class and had people be bothered by it?

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