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What with the whole PREPARING TO GO TO ZAMBIA thing (I leave for orientation on Thursday), this is an issue of relevance for me. A printout of this webpage is going to live semi-permanently with my knitting stuff (and I'm not sure that I won't buy an extra set of Size 1 needles at the yarn store on Wednesday, just to be safe, in case someone decides to confiscate mine, or they break, or something.

But for your reference: http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/assistant/editorial_1252.shtm

It doesn't say anything about sewing needles or safety pins, though. Luckily none of my imminent projects need stitch markers, so I guess they can live in the checked baggage.
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I don't know what washing machine you're looking at, but the ones on this campus don't have buttons to turn them off and don't have stickers with a number to call if there are problems. There is a sheet on the wall that says to call x2300 to report problems, but that number produces the Dining Services answering machine, which, I am fairly sure, does not deal with broken washing machines.

And yes, I know you think I'm an idiot as you offer to send someone over to help me find this nonexistent sticker, but you know what? It's mutual.

. . . I don't even know why I bother. I will have better luck with FacMan tomorrow during business hours.

Oh wait, now I remember. I'm bothering because my laundry is dirty and wet and STUCK IN A BROKEN WASHING MACHINE.

Edit: While the public safety officer was here agreeing with me that there is in fact no number, we got the door open and discovered that my laundry was dirty and dry and merely inside a broken washing machine. Hurrah laundry hike to the house.
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When you get home at 8:30 and night, clean your room, find you How To Vote By Absentee Ballot postcard, and say to yourself, "Drat! I meant to call my local county officials today and try to get a local ballot in addition to a Federal Write-In Ballot," you still can. Like [livejournal.com profile] pulsebeat says, I'm in the future. And I can make phone calls to the past. Of course, the disadvantage is that the connection is pretty poor, and the first woman can hardly hear me, and when I call back it's only a little bit better.

But I did manage to get my complaint through. And all I can figure out is: somebody screwed up, big time. (Or the guy at the Voter Office lied to me because he was tired of trying to figure out what I was saying through the breaking up. Which is possible.)
At any rate, he told me that they were sending me a new ballot, with a letter explaining why.

I'm not sure how to count this in the Miriam vs. Bureacracy tally.
Maybe it should just be categorized as: Pennsylvania voting office: Fail.
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From [livejournal.com profile] operafloozy:

If it strikes your fancy, please post a comment with a completely fictional memory of you and me.

It can be anything you want, but it has to be fake.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph in your LJ and see what your friends come up with... or not, as you will.

I don't know if the current version of Miriam vs. Bureaucracy goes to me, to Pennsylvania, or if it's a tie, but I'm going to call it mine.
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You're not being very helpful. Given that I'm here in Spain, it would make sense for me to take a literature course that would fulfill one of my 200-level requirements in addition to just taking classes in Spanish to fill up number-of-classes requirements.

I e-mailed my advisor six days ago to ask if Class A or Class B would be suitable, and she hasn't gotten back to me. I was aware when asking her to be my advisor that she could be a little slower in answering e-mails than I might like (but not this slow!), but I was kind of in a rush about that decision because my pre-major advisor, also in the Spanish department, was on sabbatical - which no one had told me - and no one else bothered to inform me that it was necessary to declare one's major before applying to go abroad.

Since I would really like an answer on this topic before classes start next week, I decided to e-mail the department head. Only, you seem to have seen fit to not post that information on your website. I had to go to the course catalog via the registrar (to a section of the website that I didn't actually know existed, and was just hoping it was) in order to figure out who I should be e-mailing.

It seems to me that a LANGUAGE department might put a little more effort into making things accessible to students abroad.

Please write back,
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I turned in my math exam yesterday, and my SpecFic paper on Tuesday. On Wednesday I went to fencing and we played frisbee outside until it got so dark that it was downright dangerous because there were dancers in the gym. I left after that because the possibility of fencing seemed low, and did all the glazing I've been meaning to do for weeks, and had a shower, and went to bed and got lots and lots of excellent sleep, and woke up at 6-something feeling marvelous, and lazed in bed until shortly after 7, and it was just the right amount of cold, and then I got up and did laundry, which is good because it was becoming increasingly difficult to find clean outfits appropriate to the mercurial weather. And then I did things like breakfast and going to class and showing up for work, and the other consultant isn't here again,* but I really don't care because the weather is amazing and I'm glad for any excuse to go outside, and it's not as if I find her to be a terribly helpful person when she's here.** And the only homework I have left to do for tomorrow is the math homework that has been put off in favor of other things (like the take-home exam for that class), which is admittedly a small pile, but entirely doable.
And I'm allowing myself to hope that maybe I'm not getting sick after all. Or that if I was sick, it wasn't very bad and I've recovered now.

All of which should conspire to put me in a good mood, but really doesn't explain how wonderful I feel today. With the possible exception of the sleep. Getting lots and lots of high-quality sleep generally makes me very cheerful.

In the continuing saga of the absentee ballot, I could have gotten one two or three weeks ago when I thought it was too late, but completely failed in the last-minute attempts to get one. Emily told me that it was really easy if you called them, and I figured that calling would be quicker than downloading the form and mailing it to Pennsylvania. Wrong. What I didn't realize was that calling them meant that they would mail me a request for an absentee ballot (the form I already had printed out), and the phone connection was so terrible that I could hardly hear what she was saying, and when she asked for my address I gave them my mom's address, which is my legal address, and by the time I figured out that she wasn't going to ask me for any other address, she had already hung up. So my mom forwarded me the request paperwork, which arrived yesterday (a day after it needed to be submitted), and the total tally in my personal paperwork struggles*** is now:
Miriam: 6
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Bureacracy: 3
Tie: 1
So I'm still ahead, but the Bureacracy is catching up.

And I'll try harder (earlier) for the next election, which I fully intend to vote in.

I'm now forced to walk to the college club - and back - in this lovely weather. Oh, woe is me.

*That thing they tell you at the beginning of the year, about how if you miss a shift you'll be fired? I don't think it's true; this is the second time she hasn't showed up for this shift without (so far as I can tell) telling anyone beforehand.^

^Perhaps she tells people and the people she tells don't tell me, which I suppose is possible, although it would be nice of them to do so.

**She's perfectly nice. I just have a low opinion of her competence.^

^Although she is looking better now that I compare her to the people who worked the shift before mine yesterday, the ones who didn't check anything in, just left the equipment in a pile on the table and didn't do the pickup in the engineering building, and seemed, as Vicky said, "really flakey."

***That is, the total history of the state and I, such as Driver's Liscense, voting, and jury duty.

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