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So this seems a good year to do NaNoWriMo, what with the currently unemployed, particularly since NaNo is a good way to get myself writing when I'm not writing enough, which I'm not. Only thing is, I've been fairly busy recently, and it's four days until November and I don't know what I want tow write for NaNo. [livejournal.com profile] vorindi suggests that I work on the Ridiculous project we've been neglecting, but that doesn't feel sufficiently flexible or frivolous to suit my current mood. I have a couple of half-started scribbles, but for various reasons don't feel like working on any of them.

So I'm asking you, if you're still there: what should I write this November? I'll take suggestions of plot, genre, conflict, setting, character(s), general idea, situations, that weird dream you had about the rescue nuns, striking images (I've never worked from images, but I'm told that people do), whatever you've got. I think I'm feeling more silly than serious, though I'll take serious suggestions, too, and I won't write anything I have to research too heavily, because research and nano-style are kind of antithetical.

Even if you don't have ideas, you could just wander in and say hi, so that I know that there are people still reading here, and that I'm not just tossing words into the wind when I post here.
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What world-broadening experiences did you have in college?

Who or what in college took you outside of your comfort zone?
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I have a very important question:

Suppose you're a teenage-equivalent alien stuck on Earth because your parents work here, and you're upset that you're stuck on a dirtpit of a planet with bad reception, no social life to speak of, and a bunch of confused ape-descendants who haven't even figured out the basics of interplanetary travel. If you were looking to American popular culture for What Aliens Do, what conclusions would you reach? (Bonus points for things within your budget and available technology level.)

So far we have: make crop circles, disrupt utility networks, and cause general low-level mayhem.
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While I was in Zambia, my mother rented out my room, so I came home to piles of boxes and a great deal of unpacking, which necessitated going through everything even more thoroughly than I did two years ago. Among other things, I found some pieces of paper that I didn't want to throw out because they amused me, but don't really need sitting around, either, so I decided to share them with the internet.

Okay, some of this is mostly-grown Miriam )
The dialogue amuses me, and I remember the letter box, which was a great big ornate gold affair affixed to one of the walls. As I recall, several of the plot points were inspired by the geography and furnishings of the hotel itself, but beyond that I'm with Van Helmsly: I don't have a clue what it all means.

Looking over it, I think it's clear why I enjoy the WWI-era romances by Eva Ibbotson (I stayed up too late last night finishing The Reluctant Heiress, which was a romp, as usual), although it should be pointed out that I don't think Van Helmsly was ever intended to be a love interest.


20 November 2010 02:02 pm
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I'm done with NaNo. I could hypothetically have been done with NaNo two days ago, but then I wrote ridiculous and delivered soup and worked co-oping hours and dragged home the carcass of a large fish and cooked it, and made steak for supper (First time I'd ever cooked steak. At least, cooked steak as steak, and not chopped up in little pieces in something else. And it was pretty good. Better than I usually like steak. Awesome mushroom gravy maybe helped.), and what with one thing and another did not get around two writing those last 2004 words until today.


On to Story Five!
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I've been quiet for a while, I'll admit. I suppose I've mostly been feeling that nothing terribly interesting is going on, so I don't really have much of anything to say. It is properly Autumn, even moving to Winter, and while I love the colors, this season I've been feeling sort of lethargic and haven't gotten outside to enjoy them as much as I usually do. I think it has to do with not having either a person to go walking with or an established pattern of going walking. And while the nearby woods are lovely, they can be a wee bit sketchy to walk in alone. Tegan and I have arranged to go wander around one of the nearby parks on Monday, though, which should be nice.

I seem to be rambling a lot . . . )

In other news, I have 17,704 words worth of NaNo right now. Not all good words, mind you, but this is, after all, nano, and I think they're a great deal better than the stuff I was producing (at a much slower rate) two years ago.
It is November 6th!
When did I become the kind of person who is 1/3 done with her nano on day six? (Admittedly, it's the easiest third, since the plot was mostly already figured out, but hey, I now have an idea for what happens in the second two thirds, which I did not have 36 hours ago, and maybe when I'm feeling ambitious I'll write myself an outline or something, and figure out exactly what sorts of dangerous and semi-dangerous items the Agency keeps in its Peculiarity Vault.)
. . . this business of being unemployed is peculiar.

Although I do have a job interview for this coming week, which is an exciting thing.
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And this problem is that my library hours have gotten too popular.

My library hours are Order of the Phoenix - writing club. I've always intended them to be a quiet space for people to do writing or academic work. For the past two weeks there have been lots of people and lots of noise and I've gotten very little work done. I don't work particularly well when there's lots of stuff going on, and I don't think that most of the other people present are getting much work done, either.

I don't want to be a tyrant and enforce silence in my library hours, or say that everyone has to be writing, but the fact is that my library hours have gotten so exuberant that they don't really accomplish their original purpose any more. I don't have so many hours in my week that I can spend two of them feeling frustrated because I didn't accomplish the things that I wanted to get done.

Probably the long-term solution is to not have evening library hours, but this is literally the only time I reliably have free this semester, so I can't exactly change them.

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4 3/4 pages in 2 1/4 hours; not bad. And I got my laundry done.

Now I just need to do my math homework and my PRAXIS application and send more ConBust e-mails, and write that research paper that I've been procrastinating on - and then I'll be properly on top of things. (Not that I'm badly not on top of things - this paper isn't due until Friday - but PRAXIS and that other paper are the sort of long-term deadlines that creep steadily closer . . .)

However, I think that this was a good evening's work, and that it is time for sleep now.
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It's way-late and I should be in bed rather than merely on it, but I felt like mentioning:

Zokutou word meter
50,225 / 50,000

By the official count.

(Which admittedly includes the spainsquirrel entries, too, but even without it's 40,635. I'm proud of myself.
. . . I'll write about Thanksgiving tomorrow. Er, today. But after some sleep.
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So, La virgen de los sicarios (aka death-crumpets movie, and the English title is apparently Our Lady of the Assasins) was just as depressing and DISTURBING as expected, if not more so (the dream sequence was MUCH freakier in the movie, and I'm not sure if this is because it was freakier in the movie, or if I just missed how freaky it was in the book). It may well have been more so, particularly if you consider that the first of the teenage boy hitmen bore a strong resemblence to my brother, and certainly wasn't any older (in fact, he reminded me not of my brother now, but of my brother a few years ago when I was more familiar with his appearance, so he may well have been younger).
I did notice, though, that I didn't feel like the protagonist was being nearly as CREEPY-child-stalker as the guy in the other book/movie, even though this one was older and it was quite obviously a sexual relationship. (Possibly because the terms of the relationship were much clearer, somehow. But probably just because there were no children in this book. There were cynical old men in the bodies of boys who never lived to see twenty.)

And that paper that I've been putting off for the past four days and has been an annoying feature on my List of Things To Do? That paper?
I wrote it in half an hour this morning. I still need to proofread it and write a few sentences to conclude it, but that won't take more than 15 minutes. There is something to be said for writing before breakfast.

Speaking of writing, have a wordcount:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
41,872 / 50,000
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But I have drafts written for both of the papers that are due next week, and here's my wordcount:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
27,045 / 50,000

Not only am I caught up for my personal schedule for where I intended to be today, for once I'm at the oficial goal, too.
Also, I've written more than my 9th grade writing portfolio, which feels like a marker of some sort.
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Today has been a cut thrice sort of day. Luckily I was working with small pieces of cloth and paper in bookbinding, so I didn't ruin any giant sheets. But after I miscut my fifth piece this morning, I decided that it might be a good idea to leave this project until next class . . .
But in good news, I may have finished my first book. I'm not sure, sure, but it looks like a book to me. Mind you, it's the quick-and-easy kind of binding that I don't like so much, but I think that I'll be finishing the three that have been properly sewed pretty soon, too.

Last night I had an interesting discussion with Pepi. There was a movie about an Amish woman on tv, and so we started talking about the Amish. Over the course of the conversation, we covered:
-Amish as related to Mennonites
-Amish as closed religious community (living simply/worldliness, rumsprika and shunning, Pennsylvania Dutch, genetic problems and exchanges for young people)
-Mennonites \neq Amish
-My opinions on Amish life
-The greater Mennonite Church and GMC
-religious rules and norms in GMC, Lancaster County, and the wider Mennonite/Brethren in Christ community.
-free love (I think that we also touched upon the fact that Pepi does not consider sex to be The Original Sin, but the conversation was galloping rapidly and I we never got back to that point to clarify it)
-sex outside of marriage, my opinions thereon
-single parents
-my love life to date
-the nature of homosexuality and homosexuals in the church
-gay marriage
-lesbian couples in Lancaster County, general lack thereof
-homosexual couples adopting and/or having babies, or adopting children of adolescents.
-the nature of family

We were managing pretty well until the last two. At that point, I think we encountered a fundamental rift in our understanding of what constitutes family. Pepi was worried about children being confused about parental roles, and I think that for her, a family is a mom, a dad, and some kids. Or possibly a single parent and some kids, if it's necessary. And I didn't know what to say to that.

Since I've already discussed differences between Protestantism and Catholicism, politics, war, abortion, bullfighting, and religious freedom in schools with Ana and/or Pepi, if I cover why I am a pacifist, LGBTQ people in church leadership, and transgenderness (what do you mean that's not a word? It should be), then I'll have covered something close to all of the Big Questions.

And completely unrelated, I have a wordcount!
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
11,701 / 50,000

Also, there's now a commercial with the tagline, "llega el invierno" - winter is coming. It amuses me.


30 October 2008 12:04 pm
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I feel that I should perhaps mention that I've decided to be ridiculous and try to do NaNoWriMo this year. I certainly have enough time to do so. Whether I have enough plot, enough stick-with-it-ness, and enough typing in my fingers and wrists . . . we'll see. Also, a NaNo and a Spain blog and this journal will create an interesting combination, I'm sure.

On the plus side, I've figured out names for all of the major characters now. I should probably finish figuring out how the sword works. And how magic works in general. And possibly a vague idea of religion/the afterlife, given that one of the main characters is a ghost. And an outline might be a good idea. Not, mind you, that I have nearly enough things to put in it.

In other news, tile floors in the morning are COLD. Actually, tile floors are cold all the time. And I think I'm getting sick. But at least I haven't caught the stomach bug that's going around - so far, anyway.
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You know the kind - the ones where you choose k characters and then look at the questions. In this case, k=10.

[livejournal.com profile] vorindi wrote the questions.

characters and questions behind cut )

If you ask nicely and tell me how many characters you want it for, I might write you a list of questions.

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