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While I was in Zambia, my mother rented out my room, so I came home to piles of boxes and a great deal of unpacking, which necessitated going through everything even more thoroughly than I did two years ago. Among other things, I found some pieces of paper that I didn't want to throw out because they amused me, but don't really need sitting around, either, so I decided to share them with the internet.

Okay, some of this is mostly-grown Miriam )
The dialogue amuses me, and I remember the letter box, which was a great big ornate gold affair affixed to one of the walls. As I recall, several of the plot points were inspired by the geography and furnishings of the hotel itself, but beyond that I'm with Van Helmsly: I don't have a clue what it all means.

Looking over it, I think it's clear why I enjoy the WWI-era romances by Eva Ibbotson (I stayed up too late last night finishing The Reluctant Heiress, which was a romp, as usual), although it should be pointed out that I don't think Van Helmsly was ever intended to be a love interest.
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It is related, though. Possibly it falls under the category of things that made Small Miriam into Big Miriam.

Right now I'm somewhere in the application process of an organization that [livejournal.com profile] rumorofrain has been referring to as the Mennonite Peace Corps. It's not an entirely accurate description, as you don't need to be Mennonite, but it's close enough. They do want you to be an active member of a Christian church, and to agree to abide by their lifestyle expectations. Okay, fine, lifestyle expectations. I think that living simply and an agreement to not racially and/or sexually harass people are good things. And I'm perfectly willing to abide by the drug and alcohol policy. Personally, I don't expect to have issues following any of this stuff. However.

"MCC requires sexual celibacy for personnel outside of a heterosexual marriage relationship during their terms of service with MCC.

Persons of homosexual orientation who meet MCC personnel criteria as noted above will be considered for MCC service if they are willing to abide by MCC's requirement of celibacy for all outside of a heterosexual marriage and if they will not use MCC as a platform from which to advocate for same-sex sexual relationships."

Okay, they're a church group. If they want people to be celibate outside of a committed relationship, that's their prerogative, I guess. But I have serious problems with specifying that your committed relationship has to be a heterosexual marriage. And I think the little "the gays are welcome so long as they're willing to act straight" addendum almost makes it worse.

My mother's take on this is that that particular requirement and that particular phrasing is put in there to appease the funding base. I was still feeling somewhat grumpy about the whole affair, though.

And then I realized that part of the application included this question: Write about a time when you observed racism, sexism or other forms of oppression, or participated in efforts to work against racism, sexism or other forms of oppression. Please elaborate. )
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When I was a kid, I swore I'd never grow up. I was aware that the physical parts of growing up were fairly unavoidable, but I held firmly to the belief that if I just believed hard enough, I could avoid becoming a grownup doing boring, responsible grownup things, and just stay a kid my whole life, so long as I defined 'being a kid' exactly right. (I'm not sure how I expected to make a living. Find something I liked doing so much that doing it wasn't really working, maybe. Mind you, I would still like to do that.)

I'm reaching the inescapable conclusion that I'm lately bearing a great deal of resemblance to a grownup, though. I taught a Sunday School class for the third time this morning, and went to the congregational meeting after church (Despite being a member for four and a half years, this is the first time I've participated in that responsibility of membership).

If I look at it from one angle, I still don't want to be a grownup. But there's a lot of the things that I associated with being a grownup that I didn't want to do that I've been doing for years now. And if I look at if from another angle, I am one already.

Now if I could just find myself a real, grownup job. Or even a fake grownup job.
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But instead I'm wandering through a box of my old drawings and schoolwork. I have just come across a little handmade book entitled, Things I Do . . . )

The transcript doesn't really do it justice, though. There's a definite charm to the large, awkward letters that so disregard distinctions between lowercase and capitols, and wobbly spacing (especially at the beginning before I started drawing lines) that just doesn't come across when typing.
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It's not one of the stories I tell, generally. However, the other week I mentioned it to my mother, who found it hilarious and then made me tell it in Adult Sunday School the next week. And I thought that it is, perhaps, a story worth telling. One of the untold Small Miriam Stories )

In other things going on in my life more recently:
- I made mozzarella and it was a success, but not as amazingly wonderful as I had hoped. I will try again with more salt and fattier milk.
- Contra dancing is excellent, but terrifying drivers are terrifying.
- I am at Smith for the next few days. If you are here and would like to see me, call my cell phone or ask in Seelye B5.

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