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This is a new one.

"You'll be my lunch-ee, you'll be my supper, ah-ah, very delicious . . ."

I don't think that it makes it better that one of the verses is something about "want you to marry me," or "want to marry you."

I think that this song would disturb me less if I heard it in the context of my SSFFS friends, rather than my Zambian neighbors, because then I could just assume that it was ironic, or intended to be disturbing and creepy, or something. As it is, I'm suspicious that it may be intended to be a serious love song.
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We were at the house of my maternal grandparents for Christmas this year. This gets very long, and may be somewhat disorganized, due to being written over the course of almost a week. )

Happy new year, everyone.
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Sure, have a music meme. )
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In the spirit of which (and because I'm so happy that I now have ALL of my music), I present one of those iTunes memes, this one from [livejournal.com profile] eumeliannyikha

Yay, music! behind cut. )

ETA: Oh, that wasn't all of the music. No wonder that felt sparse and I kept getting the same stuff. Maybe I'll do another tomorrow with everything.
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And, furthermore, I can once again feel my rear end. Also, my fingers. That room was really cold. And I was basically sitting in it taking tests for three hours. Actually more like three hours and 20 minutes, because it was 14:50 when I finally finished. And I hadn't had lunch yet, because this is Spain and Spain is like that.

On the plus side, I spent three hours and twenty minutes basically writing two really long essay/short(long) answer tests. In Spanish. I don't think I could have done that a year ago. Although I admittedly had some trouble with describing the olive harvest scene (I need to figure out how to say basket and ladder. I hypothetically know how to say both of these, but reality begs to differ. Also, I should figure out how to say grid. Although "square holes" works. That wasn't for the olive harvest, that was for the "spherical hispanic amphora" question).

And I had some hot chocolate. Not just Nesquik, although it was largely nesquik. I put in some of the fragments of the real dark stuff, and some cinnamon, so it was excellent. Although it occurs to me that I need to sing tonight, so that was perhaps a bad idea. But it was still yummy.

Speaking of singing, I also need to play guitar tonight, and haven't practiced since Thursday. I should do something about that, like yesterday. But now will work too, I guess.

And there are always dragons.
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"Dude, Crazy Old Guy is crazy!"
See, there's this elderly man (he's maybe like an elementary school teacher taking an enrichment class?) in my 19th Century History (of Spain) class. He has this tendency to go into long rambling questions (note: this is a straight lecture class. We might be glad for a change of pace, but A) his questions are just him lecturing instead of the prof, and B) most of the time he's unintelligible - to us Americans, anyway. Our conclusion: he's not accustomed to being on this side of the desk), and got dubbed "Crazy Old Guy" the first day when he interrupted the lecture to, as far as we could make out, argue that Franco had many unappreciated wonderful qualities (Yes, perhaps Spain was a more stable country or whatever, but he was a repressive dictator who stopped on individual freedoms and had people who didn't agree with him murdered. I don't think that a police state is worth it, thanks all the same. "He who sacrifices freedom for security," and all that (although I should mention that I can see points one could get to with that quote that I wouldn't agree with)). So yeah, we named him "Crazy Old Guy," and he hasn't done anything to disprove such an appellation.

Okay, I got distracted by children's music just now. Do any of you know Two of a Kind? Probably not; they used to be a pretty local Philadelphia group. But their stuff is really good. I'll bring some when I come back to Smith.

It would appear to be winter now. My face has decided to go all dry, and my annual hand-rash has returned. Clearly it doesn't care that we're in Spain.

There were going to be other things in this entry, but music from my childhood may have caused me to forget them.

Oh, right, how were your Thanksgivings? Mine was . . . odd. It sure didn't feel like Thanksgiving, but when it was actually happening it was distracting enough that I didn't notice.

I have two and a half weeks of class left. In thirty-three days I will be home. This is a very odd feeling. I will be glad to be back, though.

Oh: I find my church to be hilarious sometimes. There's been a discussion of the watershed on the listserve, and one of the little old ladies just pointed out that historically there was a spring near the church, which appears to go under the church, since there's always water flowing through the basement, even when it's dry. She continued to suggest that we could do baptisms down there; it would be much more convenient than tromping down to the river to break the ice.*

I think that that was about all.

*On Christmas Day in 1723 the first congregation of the Church of the Brethren in America baptized several new members in the Wissahickon Creek.
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So last night I got around to looking on Wikipedia to see if I could figure out why "Moon River," one of the songs we're singing in chorus, sounds vaguely familiar. As I was browsing the list of recordings that have been made of the song, one name caught my eye: John Barrowman. And I said to myself, "Isn't that - yes, that is." So - Captain Jack is secretly in my chorus. Further research revealed that he also performed in Phantom of the Opera; we sing Think of Me.

There's no proof of him singing the French song or "Linda Amiga" or that random Catalan Christmas carol, and I'm not sure where he's hidden the odd British/Spanish accent (Have I mentioned that? A Spanish accent in English is composed about half and half of Britishness and odd Spanish pronouciations; it's because Spaniards are taught British English in rather the same way that American students are often taught Spain Spanish). But still.

Okay, going back to working on the archeology paper now.
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Because I have nothing better to do, and my iTunes is on, in the hope that music hath charms to tame the wild jackhammers.
one of those music memes )
I was going to say that this seems to be an excellent example of the portions of my iTunes library that comes from one particular person - and then I realized that that's silly, because I have almost no music that's actually my own (and most of that is instrumental), so any one of these things is going to heavily feature music I got from somebody. The one thing I will say in my defense is that I do actually have more variety in my music than I seem to based on this list.

I just realized that it's raining. And I think the jackhammers have stopped. So I'm going to go cook.

And yes, I do have things to post to the Spain journal - I'm just lazy and haven't gotten around to it.

ETA If you've heard the song enough to be able to product lyrics other than the ones I've provided, I think that it's acceptable to Google those.
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Yes, I'll do this one:

Leave a comment and I'll:
1) Upload a song that reminds me of you or that I think you should hear it
2) Link you to it.
3) Explain why it reminds me of you or why you should listen.

You needn't feel obligated to post it on your own journal if you comment - but it would be fun.

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