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Today I stood in the center of a spinning cloud of bees, a living cyclone that filled the air with its sound and yet hardly moved the air.

Goodbyes are sad times.

I love the way everyone gets silly and cuddly and close during finals, the way we especially value our friends because we know that they are about to leave.
I hate the way that everyone is busy and stressed and worried at the end of the year, how everyone's hackles are but a moment from rising and how a careless, sleep deprived word inspires a growl.
I am glad that classes are over, but look forward to weeks and months ahead with many fewer friends about and silence around me instead of the comforting buzz of the hive.
I miss the challenge of structured academic learning, but revel in the freedom to take an afternoon and do everything and nothing.
I strongly dislike moving. I welcome the chance to lessen the clutter in my life and the quickening of my mother's ThrowItOut impulses, while I despair over the results of my hoarding tendencies - an inheritance from my father.
I watch my friends walk out of my life for months at a time and see the tears roll down their faces. It's not forever. It's not even Spain.
It is, however, long enough.
Tall trees outside my window shake, and the air has changed. Summer brings storms and change as my life is gathered into boxes at my feet while scattered across the country to the four winds.

I really shouldn't have packed up both of my lights; it gets really dark in here without them.
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Let's start with the haiku:
Haiku2 for 3rdragon
consider this a
victory in miriam vs
pa bureaucracy
Created by Grahame

You have to be a bit creative with pronounciation to make the syllables work, but I like it anyway.

And another, which rather encapsulates Spain:
Haiku2 for 3rdragon
what I'm going to
do when supper may not end
until 10 or 11
Created by Grahame

Dream and rambling )

And of course, dragon:
Adopt one today!
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I hadn't written any limericks in ages - at least since 9th grade, and possibly since 5th grade - but I do really enjoy them. And then operafloozy inspired me, so last week in the nice cool mountains, when I was lazing around sitting in from of the morning fire, I wrote these.

Cut for limericks )

A poem

2 March 2007 03:23 pm
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Most of you probably don't know that I write poems. That's because, in the general course of things, I don't, but occasionally I do make exceptions.


I follow footsteps in the snow.
My father's footsteps;
Feet I have followed for years.
In light snowfalls
On the way to school;
In heavy snowfalls
To a sledding hill;
Through deep drifts,
Forging a path
For my own child-feet to find.
And yet these footprints are not his,
For I am here
And he is not.
But still the footsteps lead
And I must follow.
I could not tell you how his footsteps look,
Nor draw them with a pen;
But when I see the steps
I know my father's boots;
The treads splay out in just that way.
And yet these footprints are not his,
For my father's footsteps fall far from here.

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