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Or, in which Miriam decides that it would behoove her to find a new morning routine

Yes, I know that yesterday my original plan for what would happen today was:
Ifwhen I wake up ridiculously early, get up and start the load of laundry, then finish packing up and cleaning my room and either move to Green St. or be entirely ready to move to Green St. by the time things start happening this morning.

But I'd like to point out that by "ridiculously early," I meant, "shortly after 7:00," rather than "wake up at 5:30 and manage to stay in bed until six by dint of pulling the covers over my face." I'd also like to point out that I decided not the use that plan on the grounds that a) most people are leaving this afternoon and so I could just as easily do things this evening and b) I didn't get to bed until 11:30 or so.

But I'm up, and it's a beautiful day, so I might as well get the laundry part of the plan done, at any rate.

Also, it's official: I've now gotten up so early that I've run into a friend coming back after a very late night. Giving that it was 6:30 at the time, I think that this is more remarkable on her part than on mine, but it's still worth pointing out. Although it was bound to happen sometime, between the fencing and the waking-up-at-5:30 for no reason whatsoever.

So. Packing for a bit, then moving my laundry, then breakfast.
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I turned in my math exam yesterday, and my SpecFic paper on Tuesday. On Wednesday I went to fencing and we played frisbee outside until it got so dark that it was downright dangerous because there were dancers in the gym. I left after that because the possibility of fencing seemed low, and did all the glazing I've been meaning to do for weeks, and had a shower, and went to bed and got lots and lots of excellent sleep, and woke up at 6-something feeling marvelous, and lazed in bed until shortly after 7, and it was just the right amount of cold, and then I got up and did laundry, which is good because it was becoming increasingly difficult to find clean outfits appropriate to the mercurial weather. And then I did things like breakfast and going to class and showing up for work, and the other consultant isn't here again,* but I really don't care because the weather is amazing and I'm glad for any excuse to go outside, and it's not as if I find her to be a terribly helpful person when she's here.** And the only homework I have left to do for tomorrow is the math homework that has been put off in favor of other things (like the take-home exam for that class), which is admittedly a small pile, but entirely doable.
And I'm allowing myself to hope that maybe I'm not getting sick after all. Or that if I was sick, it wasn't very bad and I've recovered now.

All of which should conspire to put me in a good mood, but really doesn't explain how wonderful I feel today. With the possible exception of the sleep. Getting lots and lots of high-quality sleep generally makes me very cheerful.

In the continuing saga of the absentee ballot, I could have gotten one two or three weeks ago when I thought it was too late, but completely failed in the last-minute attempts to get one. Emily told me that it was really easy if you called them, and I figured that calling would be quicker than downloading the form and mailing it to Pennsylvania. Wrong. What I didn't realize was that calling them meant that they would mail me a request for an absentee ballot (the form I already had printed out), and the phone connection was so terrible that I could hardly hear what she was saying, and when she asked for my address I gave them my mom's address, which is my legal address, and by the time I figured out that she wasn't going to ask me for any other address, she had already hung up. So my mom forwarded me the request paperwork, which arrived yesterday (a day after it needed to be submitted), and the total tally in my personal paperwork struggles*** is now:
Miriam: 6
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Bureacracy: 3
Tie: 1
So I'm still ahead, but the Bureacracy is catching up.

And I'll try harder (earlier) for the next election, which I fully intend to vote in.

I'm now forced to walk to the college club - and back - in this lovely weather. Oh, woe is me.

*That thing they tell you at the beginning of the year, about how if you miss a shift you'll be fired? I don't think it's true; this is the second time she hasn't showed up for this shift without (so far as I can tell) telling anyone beforehand.^

^Perhaps she tells people and the people she tells don't tell me, which I suppose is possible, although it would be nice of them to do so.

**She's perfectly nice. I just have a low opinion of her competence.^

^Although she is looking better now that I compare her to the people who worked the shift before mine yesterday, the ones who didn't check anything in, just left the equipment in a pile on the table and didn't do the pickup in the engineering building, and seemed, as Vicky said, "really flakey."

***That is, the total history of the state and I, such as Driver's Liscense, voting, and jury duty.
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Last night was my brother's birthday party. He and several (that is, four, but five teenage boys are like an infuriated cat; actually number and perceived number may differ greatly) of his friends were going to see a movie and then do the pizza thing. I was not entirely sure I wanted to come (How scary is I am Legend? and How many boys of 15 or 16 years of age?), but dad didn't really know anything about he movie, and there didn't seem to be any provision for me to have supper if I didn't come along, so I came.
I think that if we'd gotten there earlier and I'd had a chance to a) talk to my mother b) realize that she wasn't planning on watching the movie with us and c) grill her on the results of her is-this-suitable-to-send-my-son-to research, I might have decided to join her in hanging out at the mall and knitting while the boys and dad watched the movie, but my NoIdon'twanttodothis reflex generally needs a bit more time to warm up and consider pros and cons and such than the 30 seconds that it got. So I watched the movie.

I enjoyed it? Maybe. I don't know. What I do know is that it was not a movie that I want to see on the 7:00 showing (7:00 is far too close to bedtime for comfort. Ace would have liked it; there were lots of explosions. I myself would have appreciated the explosions more if they had been a) less structually damaging to the house and b) more effective in keeping off the ravening hordes of sub-human-infected-darkseeker-things. (Because today is clearly a good day for demarcating everything in lists. As long as I don't imitate Mr. Botherit and go a) and then 2), I'm probably okay.) I also might have appreciated it more if there had been less intentional buildup of the dramatic tension (yes, I know that something Bad and Startling is going to happen; that's been very clear for the past seven minutes, and it's almost certainly going to involve screaming, loud noises, and gunshots; can we please get on with it? And maybe cut down a bit on the loud noises?)

You have to understand that I'm not a scary movie sort of person (or even an adventure-movie-with-orchestrated-terrifying-bits sort of person). I have a very good imagination. And sometimes it gets . . . excited. By a number of things, among which is movies with scary bits late at night. I wholeheartly approve of the prudence which reserved "Blink" for 1:00 on a sunny Sunday afternoon. (I hope you're following this, [livejournal.com profile] kadharonon. I expect that it's the closest that you and prudence will ever get to being the the same sentence uttered by me (or, y'know, the typing equivalent). Certainly in the forseeable future.) I just don't do the scary movie thing (and yes, I know, I am Legend is probably not a terribly scary movie by most people's standards, but we aren't talking about most people's standards; we're talking about my standards).

I got to sleep just fine - the first time. And then I woke up. Not from a nightmare, mind you. (I don't do nightmares, either; it's been a really long time since I had any.) I was just awake. And it was cold outside my little nest of blankets on the floor. And my imagination said, "Oh, look! You're Awake! And look, it's Dark! And Cold! Let's think about Things. Specifically, let's think about that movie you so injudiciously watched close to bedtime! Let's think of all the scariest bits of it, and lets imagine how they could have been scarier! And even though you know that it was just a movie, you're still close enough to being asleep that you're Not Going To Be Able to convince us to think about anything else! Nice try thinking about the Greater Evil performing blood sarcrifice of all the main characters dream you had the other week, even if it did have Plot, but that dream didn't scare you, particularly since the Greater Evil was careless enough to not kill them entirely and then leave them alone, forgetting that one of them was a Really Powerful Healer so everything turned out OK! So we're not going to think about that dream. We're going to think about the scary bits of the movie! And then make them scarier, remember?!"
We've established the activeness of my imagination, haven't we? Good.
It's difficult at any point to leave the coziness of my blankets and move the nine whole feet to the light switch, and my hyperactive gerbil of an imagination didn't help any. But I did manage, eventually, and fed my imagination book until my eyes wouldn't focus any more. And then it was sated enough to not think about things until I fell asleep again. But I did not get enough sleep last night. And my fingers are cold. Again. Still.
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Cut for length )

I hate being sick. If I hadn't been feeling rotten last night and had been productive, I could be finished my Spanish paper by now.

I called Damon and told him that I'm not coming in to work today. I think that I'll go to Ed Psych, in which I will be useless but which I should go to because we're presenting, and then I'll come back to my room and turn on Sense and Sensibility and pretend that I can actually take naps.

Edit: We didn't actually present today. I guess I'm glad I went; the other presentations were pretty good.

And for those of you who have been following the epic of my math final, Read more... )

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