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After YouthBuild, I will be the host of a reality tv show called Resume Idol, in which people submit resumes and I deconstruct/edit them. Snarkily.

(This inspiration brought to you by the gal, applying for my position, whose resume contained twenty-five errors. (That I noticed.) Among them having her margins set so oddly that the entire document was only five inches wide. For a tech position. For which she included among her skills Microsoft Word and basic web design.))
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I have a job! I have a job! I have a JOB!

It's an Americorps position here in Philadelphia, teaching computer skills to young people without high school diplomas.

I have a job!

Pardon me while I go phone my mother and dance around the room.
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Cut for ginormousness )

Possibly there are other things that I was intending to put on this list, but I don't remember what they were.
I think what it boils down to is: I don't have any good reasons not to go to Zambia. There are valid concerns on the Cons list -- but I don't know that any of them are good reasons not to go.
And do I really want to be able to say, in ten years, "I could have gone to Zambia, but I decided to stay home in Philadelphia and be unemployed/work some boring job instead?" No, I don't really want to.
So I guess I'm going to say yes.

Somehow this feels a much more momentous decision than picking which college I was going to, or going to Spain.

Edited to add: I just sent the email telling her that I'll go.
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I haven't decided-decided. But I think I'm leaning towards 'Yes' rather than 'No.'
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In the past four days I have had two interviews for jobs that I think I would really enjoy. Interesting tasks, good people, good environment, organizations doing meaningful work. Very manageable commutes on public transportation.

I hear back from both of them this week.

Here's hoping.
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It's not the one that's walkable, but it's probably within biking distance, and there are buses and mom has made noises to the effect that I can use the car most of the time if I want to.

Perhaps I should've waited a little more and seen what other fish could be caught, but I liked the people and I would be working on interesting projects, and it's not like I'm negotiating optimum salary here. And I really, really like having future plans settled.
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It's not actually an internship offer, but it sounds like it's headed in that direction.
It's nice to hear back from someone.

And, it's at the closest school. The one I can walk to from my mom's house.
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It is DECIDED. If I do not have a job in Philadelphia within the next two weeks, I will work in the computer labs here. I will not spent another summer in Philadelphia wasting perfectly good vacation time trying to get a summer job.

It's amazing how much better this decision makes me feel. Which is odd, given that my course of action over the next two weeks isn't going to differ any because of it (unless it results in me looking harder because I have a definite deadline), and I'm not going to enjoy the job hunting any more, but the not-having-a-job-ness is suddenly much less looming.

It would be nice to find something in Philadelphia. I like Philadelphia, and I like people in Philadelphia. My mother has also expressed a desire for me to be home this summer, which is reasonable, given that I'll be in Spain next semester and I didn't go home over Spring Break (and she's paying for me to be here). She's quite modest in her desires and decrees (especially in comparison to many other peoples' mothers), and I would like to be able to honor this one, but even for her I am not going to do another indefinite summer job search (which I have been poking at since January, and which would only get worse the closer it got to summer.) She does understand how much I dislike looking for jobs. Or at least she comes close to understanding how much I hate it. As mothers go, I do have a pretty good one.

So. I have a plan of action. Things are much better this way.

For other news:
In moderation, unrelieved silliness is very good for one's mental health.
And to those whom it concerns, Forbes does not have A Special Trade, but I put in a request for it.
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I HATE having cavities filled. Mind you, I'm perfectly well aware that as teeth problems go, mine really aren't that bad. (Although for 6 years of orthodontics, you'd think that my teeth would at least be straight, and maybe line up properly - wouldn't you?) This does not change the fact that I really dislike a) having my mouth go all numb b) the low-speed drill, with the noise and the vibration c) the high-speed drill, with the noise and the feeling that the high-pitched whine is boring into your skull and d) the not-quite-right feeling in your teeth after having people poking around in there and messing with bits of them. On the plus side my dentist is really nice (unlike my ex-orthodontist) and talks to me rather than over me or at me, and every now and then lets me know what she's doing in my mouth. This does not, however, change the fact that my teeth feel vaguely-but-not-quite sore.

The walk down-Hill was nice, even if it was marred by the fact that I had to stop in at every establishment that might possibly be hiring and ask if they hire students over the summer. I refuse to be stuck at the end of June with no summer job again.

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