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Seven and Ace had a friend/mentor relationship that went, I care about you enough that I will sometimes lie to you. I feel like Eleven's relationship with Amy and Rory (or anyone, really), goes, I don't respect you enough to tell you the truth, or even spend time listening to you.

That is perhaps an oversimplification. But I think it expresses part of what's been bothering me.
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So, once upon a time, Doctor Who mostly made sense, and I liked it that way. There were a couple of instances of sciencefail, but I could usually ignore them and get on with enjoying the plot, which tended to be cohesive and reasonable if I ignored that it was built on sciencefail. And mostly I didn't need to do that.

However, I've spent the past three episodes going, "What? WHAT? WHAT???" For large sections of sciencefail, plot not making sense, things not behaving the way they were previously established to . . .

Spoilery complaints. I'm up to S5E5. )

When did 'evil' become something the doctor was concerned with, anyway? I guess it showed up with Seven, some, but I don't remember it at all in Four, Five, or Six, and nowadays it's like evil is the new bubble wrap, and you can't be a cool monster without it. This isn't D&D. (Although that one episode was a bunch of clerics splitting the party on a dungeon-crawl.)

And when did we start monologuing all the time without ever actually sharing information with people? Is this don't-tell-anyone-anything season?
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So last night I got around to looking on Wikipedia to see if I could figure out why "Moon River," one of the songs we're singing in chorus, sounds vaguely familiar. As I was browsing the list of recordings that have been made of the song, one name caught my eye: John Barrowman. And I said to myself, "Isn't that - yes, that is." So - Captain Jack is secretly in my chorus. Further research revealed that he also performed in Phantom of the Opera; we sing Think of Me.

There's no proof of him singing the French song or "Linda Amiga" or that random Catalan Christmas carol, and I'm not sure where he's hidden the odd British/Spanish accent (Have I mentioned that? A Spanish accent in English is composed about half and half of Britishness and odd Spanish pronouciations; it's because Spaniards are taught British English in rather the same way that American students are often taught Spain Spanish). But still.

Okay, going back to working on the archeology paper now.
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one of which is a Doctor Who dream! )
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Last night the sci-fi channel was showing "The Unicorn and the Wasp" and "Silence in the Library," so I found an empty classroom in Neilson and watched them on the projector. I watched "The Forests of the Dead" on youtube this morning because a) I wanted to know how it ended b) [livejournal.com profile] chocochan will be here next Friday and I'd rather hang out with her than watch the second half of a Dr. Who episode that I don't think she's seen the first half of, and c)I wanted to be able to discuss it with people and it's not fair to them for me to have only seen the first half (and I wouldn't want to be spoilered by carelessness on the part of my friends).

Cut for vague spoiler-ness and for those who don't care )

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