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Am I glad to see you.

Long story short, yet another disadvantage of un-air-conned server rooms is that if you don't shut the windows and it rains over lunch, it can rain on the equipment. But so far as I can tell, things seem okay (there is internet, the lights on the wired routers are flashing, and my Moodle server has booted to the login screen).

So that was fun. But I was very glad not to have been the last person out of the building before lunch (so the fact that I usually don't shut the windows when I leave for lunch was not an issue), and very, VERY glad to see the polkaspots login screen.



1 November 2011 08:57 am
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Downloading Ubuntu Server. It's 682 MB, and the low end of my download speed is 6.6 KB/sec. I have seen it get has high as 200 and some KB/sec, but mostly it's hanging out somewhere between 10 KB/sec and 150 KB/sec.

Abraham says that I should start downloading now so that when the guys get here, I can give them the installation CD. I should've started when I arrived at work (and the network was marginally faster). Maybe then it would've been done by lunchtime. Although considering that the current estimate is over ten hours, maybe not.

Oh, the joys of internet in Africa.

In good news, I actually have work to do (albeit 'start this download and then wait until it finishes') and there is electricity and internet, and I'm on the second-to-last row of my Laminaria.
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My really-not-at-all-boss (who nevertheless is the person with the clearest ideas for what I'm supposed to be doing here) has told me that he wants the Network Operations Center to look futuristic, science-fictional, like a space ship. Because what LinkNet, what Macha Works, is doing here is as much about the idea of what technology can be in Zambia, as any of the actual implementations.

So my question to you is, what does the future look like right now? If you had a huge budget, how would you build something that looks like a space ship? What about a modest budget?


29 August 2011 11:02 am
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Ubuntu is clean and friendly. I think I like it.

Of course, I've been using it for all of twelve minutes, which isn't really enough time to figure out how it's annoying, but at least I don't sit down and find it immediately annoying, the way I do with Vista and Seven.

Not all of my keyboard shortcuts work, and I need to readjust to ctrl instead of cmmd. But you can tab to checkboxes and check them with the spacebar!
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crazy convention dream behind the cut )

And three nights ago, I dreamed about accidental time travelers to WWI. I wasn't actually a time traveler, more of a techie working the net or whatever, but for some reason I couldn't pull them out yet. I was also in contact with future-now, but at the same time I could talk and interact with the WWI people (one of whom was a love interest finally goaded into declaring his feelings by the prospect of being drafted). I think I was sort-of simultaneously in WWI-time and future-now, but only in that one spot?

I do not approve of Miss Eliza's new habit of sometimes shutting down without warning when she has less than 20 minutes of battery left. That time I definitely still had 19 minutes; I was paying attention! At least lj auto-saves these days.

Edit: Also? The restaurant menu, while it had a very fancy layout, was printed on newsprint, which was just folded and taped to the tablecloth (so it didn't blow away). Real linen tablecloth, white. Newsprint menu.
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I do still exist, yes. But posting to lj is more procrastination than I generally feel that I can justify on work time (yes, I know that I did it all the time at Smith, but I was usually being paid to sit there, not to do actual work unless it happened to come up). However, the video is rendering right now (probably a fruitless effort, but since no-one bothered to leave a note as to the status, it's what I've got . . . oh, the joys of video-editing by committee).

I do have a question for y'all: if you were taking a class titled The Digital Native (a digital native is either anyone born after 1982 or anyone who grew up surrounded by computers/technology/etc and is comfortable with it), a class which so far is basically Teh Internets and Technology: The Course, what would you expect to learn?/What do you think would be covered?/What's the most awesome piece of awesome that you've seen lately that should totally be in the course?

Speaking of awesome, this morning I got to play with a Dell Latitude XT2, which is a netbook/tablet pc. It was pretty neat (mind you, for that much money, I could definitely wait a few versions until they iron out the kinks). And last week my supervisor handed me a video camera smaller than many digital cameras. The shiny technology in this job is shiny (don't worry, my heart still belongs to the Smith computer labs; there would need to be a Whole Lot More Shiny before I would parcel any of my loyalties over to a Windows school).

When I started this post, I was going to talk about the dream I had last night.Read more... )
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I have an archeology paper due tomorrow, which I wrote over the weekend (hooray for foresight and willpower!), but didn't get around to editing and proofreading until this morning (not-so-hooray for willpower), and which it occurred to me that it will be difficult to print tomorrow before class, because I have bookbinding all morning. And I still haven't figured out if the computer lab is ever open in the afternoons, and I was worried that the printing lady wouldn't show up this morning before I had to go to class. But I arrived, and she was there, and there was no line, and in exchange for six centimos, I now have three pages of archeology paper (saying that makes it sound like a better bargain than it was, though; I still had to write the arheology paper, remember).

Voice lesson in half an hour. I'm going to try to get a little nano done before going over the words to the song again. Or maybe I'll just read my flist.
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When you let your computer get that low on battery, you should really plug it in/turn it off (or both! Both is good) rather than leaving it asleep all night. This business of it periodically deciding that it doesn't want to have the keyboard work is annoying.

In good news, though:
Yay, warm shower!
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The hard drive was too dead to get anything off of it. Really all I've lost is the pictures I've taken since I got to Spain (and I have so-so to good copies of a few of them). Everything else got backed up before I left home.

What I find really annoying, though, is the fact that I will be doing without most of my iTunes library for the next three months.

. . . and Spain seems to not believe in cheap, portable surge protectors. So far everything I've seen costs between 80 and 120 euros, and is Very Large.
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Don't you EVER do that again. Ever.

I'm really sorry about that whole surge protector thing. I'll get you one. Just as soon as I can find one that doesn't cost over a hundred Euros.

I'm really glad you're still functional. And I hope that the nice guy at the mac store who speaks very British English can salvage my Spain pictures from Miss Eliza I.
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I officially take back anything bad I ever said about Pharos and the Pay-for-Print system.

Okay, that's a lie. I still think that it isn't intuitive (it's easy, but it isn't intuitive; you have to teach almost everyone how to use it the first time), and that when it goes screwy, you've got some interesting problems, and the fact that there aren't printer-card/OneCard-money machines in the printing labs is annoying, but it's so much better than it could be.

. . . You've perhaps guessed that I've had my first experience printing here.

And, in it's favor, it could be a lot worse. It isn't hard, and it isn't expensive (2 centimos per page, which is less than 3 cents, and if you get a card it's slightly cheaper still), and my camera-memory-stick-cum-zip-drive works just fine. HOWEVER. The entire system appears to be run by one woman, who isn't always there, and probably has another job too, and I haven't a clue what the hours of the lab are (never mind her hours; not even her fellow coworker seemed to know when she would be back) - and something that one of the other girls said makes me suspect that they are odd somehow. On the plus side, you can pay with change or with a card (the cards are little paper things like your tenth-cup is free deal from a cafe, or like the cafeteria at my high school), but it just seems so WEIRD to me that I can't just go and print at any point during the computer lab's hours. I was only waiting there for 30 or 40 minutes, but when I told Sonia (former Smith AMS student; is from Córdoba; I ran into her in the lab) that I had an hour and fourty-five minutes before my class, she gave me a sort of well-you'd-better-hope-that's-enough look. And did I mention that there was a line? A short line, but still.

I will say that what I saw of the lab appeared to be less ancient than the classroom support equipment. Which is to say, the computers were somewhat shiny; I brought my laptop (in case the flash drive didn't work) and so didn't actually use them.

Well, I suppose things like this are the reason that I'm in Spain.
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Aside from a great number of other things which happened today, I moved out of my Ziskind room. I was so proud of myself. I packed almost everything up yesterday and persuaded a helpful friend and accompanying parental unit to help me move most of it and then just had a load of laundry and a few last bags to move today. I was a whole day ahead of schedule. I ought to have known that moving is never that easy.

The turn of events was as follows:
After making my farewells, I called Emily and packed up. Emily and her summer roommate Gwen (a lovely person who I look forward to becoming better acquainted with) came by and helped with the last-minute minutiae like dusting all surfaces (no mean feat when you have a number of untidy plants and the corner of your room has been leaking plaster dust all year), removing the stubborn sticky from the door, sweeping, and all the little annoying things that always take longer than you think they will. We then moved the last of my stuff into the hall, closed and locked the door, checked and signed the little brown sheet, and hauled the last few bundles over to my new lodging on Green St, stopping by Clark Hall to drop off my Ziskind keys.

We then did enough unpacking to make the room look like I might possibly live in it and went to dinner. Afterwards we headed over to Parsons to watch some of Pride and Prejudice, which Emily had never seen. I got back to my room and was just settling down to send an e-mail to my family telling them that my extension is now different when I realized that I didn't have Miss Eliza. That no one had carried her over from Ziskind. That, in fact, the last time I had seen my computer bag it was hanging on a hook in my closet. That Emily had moved everything out of the closet when she'd swept it, but probably only everything on the floor. And did I mention that I'd already returned my keys? Also that my external hard drive (with a complete backup) was packed in the same bag?

So I called Public Safety and hightailed it over to Ziskind and called Public Safety again and one of the nice lady officers finally showed up and let me in and Miss Eliza was indeed exactly where I thought she was, and she is once again safely in my possession.

In other news, we discovered that while carpet tape is insufficient to hold up my purple dragon hanging, it is perfectly capable of pulling up Ziskind floor tiles.

N.B. I need to write the floor tiles and the shedding ceiling on the work order list.

So, about that e-mail to my family . . .


24 February 2008 07:49 pm
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On the whole this has been a really nice week. The beginning of it was really crazy, such that I very much needed a Rally Day, but once I got through Tuesday afternoon I realized that I was more-or-less on top of everything that needed to be done, and that I had time to breathe, and maybe even sit with friends for a while and just laugh, or go out and play in the snow, or watch a movie (and lose my cell phone and then luckily find it again without too much trouble). Which isn't to say that I don't have things to do. Because I have lots of things to do, and several items on my long-term to-do list probably still won't get done - but I'm no longer feeling so overwhelmed that I'm just running from thing to thing to thing and tiring myself out so much that I'm no longer using my time effectively and just get frustrated.
It's a really nice feeling.
I do, however, need to stop staying up until midnight if I can't get properly fulfilling sleep past 7:30 in the morning (although it should be noted that I slept in the whole way until 9:30 on Wednesday), because I like having the full eight-and-a-half-or-nine.

On the subject of other less pleasing trends, there have been several times over the past week-and-a-half when then inability to deal with people has been worse than it's ever been. On the plus side these have also coincided with times than I have been to tired and not gotten enough sleep the night before, but I can't always get enough sleep, and it's distressing when the dining hall is so busy that I feel like I can't function. It doesn't seem terribly apparent to anyone else, which I suppose is a good thing, but I'd much prefer it to not happen at all.

In cheerful news, the shiny laptop is officially Miss Eliza Tudor.


5 February 2008 11:30 pm
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Lucinda doesn't seem to want to turn off.
I'm going to give it a few more minutes and then just shut it down.

Also, my dad is telling me a very distressing story about my home pastor. Which now means that I'm worried about him, and about his wife, and the whole church . . . and my dad types so SLOWLY.
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That's the good news.

The bad news:
I had to wipe her hard drive in order to do it (maybe I didn't, but in the choice between wiping the hard drive and getting her up and running, and not wiping the hard drive and hoping that I could pay some computer-adept person to copy everything, I decided that my files weren't that important and that I wanted this issue over with badly enough to lose some data. Plus, I remembered copying a bunch of stuff to Mandy, the second hard drive.

The good news:
I did back-up to Mandy.

The bad news:
I apparently did so in March.
And only copied my pictures at the time.
This is annoying.

The good news:
Some of my more recent pictures are in Facebook. And I didn't take all that many pictures last semester. And I'm sure I could get ellipa to send me more copies of the ones she gave me - in fact, I might be able to find the original CDs.

The other news:
Thinking back on what I had in March, even if I'd saved everything, it wouldn't have done much, because the not-picture things that I would like to have were, for the most part, not on Lucinda in March.

And in annoying news, Lucinda doesn't want to play nice with the firewire cable, so I'm using the memory stick from my camera with its USB connector. It holds 2gigs, but copying pictures is still going to take forever. And I'm wary of turning Lucinda off before I have a copy of all the data I could save safely stored on the laptop that might be Miss Eliza Tudor.

Also, I spent far too much time this afternoon chasing a handwritten invoice (for $500) through layers of beaurocracy so that the president of ceramics club could get her money back, despite the objections of the student bank. That *will* go though, however. I have an e-mail from the disbursements office to prove it.

And homework? What's that? It's a good thing that I've decided to give up procrastination for Lent, because the way I've been going today I won't have time to breathe for a week. The ECC dinner was yummy, and I had fun cooking, and my not-enough-time-spent, not-my-mother's-creamed-spinach actually tasted surprisingly like my mother's. Also the pancakes were excellent.

And in more bad news: my 2gig memory stick seems to thing that it only has about 30mb of free space. This is very puzzling, frustrating, and way too much work for this hour of the night. I give up on copying data; Lucinda will still be here in the morning.

But to repeat the good news: Lucinda is ALIVE, and I can cross fixing my computer off of my to-do list.
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Because clearly, making numerous posts per day will make up for my lack of internet presence over the the past while.

My new computer is still shiny, and still doesn't have a name. It does, however, have many more of the programs that I consider necessary for basic functioning over the coming semester . . . although I still need to set up MacMail and iChat.

I'm reading Piratica by Tanith Lee. It's terribly over-the-top, but also hilarious.
It is set in an alternate universe; perhaps there are more swashes to buckle there.

And the meme, from [livejournal.com profile] tigerlofu:
Choose one word to describe me ... just one single word. Leave it in my comments. Then post this message on your journal (or not) and see how many strange and interesting things people say about you.
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It's very shiny.

Also it needs a name.

I am not going to spend all afternoon playing with the computer . . . I will be good. I will play with the computer until lunch, and then I will do my homework and assorted errands . . . and then I will play with the computer some more.

And did I mention that this purchase was the most money I've ever spent at one time in my life?
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I think that I'm going to buy a new laptop tomorrow.

Goodnight everyone.
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One way or another, I will own a computer that works by the end of today.

It this means that I have to buy a new laptop online, so be it.

Today was the first day of classes. I like Calc III and Specfic so far, and if my Spanish class looks likely to be boring, at least it won't be too difficult (considering that the syllabus contains fewer writing assignments than my class last semester, that there isn't as much material to be read, that none of it is in medieval Spanish (I'm to be excited because this material wasn't written for people with English as a first language. Um, last semester in Spanish I was reading medieval treatises on love; the semester before that I read several moderately difficult plays, the semester before that was a washout (with this professor), and senior year of highschool we read Cronica de una Muerte Anunciada, which is a novel (a short novel, but Chronicle of a death foretold can be difficult in English)) and did I mention that the short story I'm to read for Wednesday is one that I read junior year of highchool, and was, in fact, one of the less challenging stories we read that year. Well, it's a required class, and if it isn't challenging, hey, I can use a not-challenging class next semester.

Yesterday was bittersweet. It was sort of slow and lazy, tying up loose ends of things to be done before classes started. I enjoyed that, and making the snow labyrinth on Seelye lawn was a lot of fun (even if it was cold). On the other hand, I learned of several bad things that have happened to people I care about, and that was sad, although more because I feel bad for them than because I'm personally affected. Shift sign-up was boring, but I survived and got most of the shifts I wanted.

This afternoon I'm going to a workshop on raku, which is a specfic type of glaze firing. It's a two-day workshop; I think that today will be spent making things to fire.
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So it's quite difficult to manage a large list of shirts* and people who want them when I don't have a home-base computer to go back to.

It's also annoying for one's iPod to die less than an hour from the end of Trickster's Choice. I'm charging it on the lab computer, but it's not going to get anything like a full charge, so I'll have a choice between waiting to finish TC until I have Lucinda back or fast-forwarding through about six hours' worth of story to get to the spot I was at just before it died. I think that I'll probably just listed to music, because someone mentioned to me that fast-forwarding is a real drain on the battery, and I still have ~five more hours of sewing or other assorted tasks before the workshop is done.

The system disk might arrive today. I really hope it does.
But on the other hand, it looks like I could get a laptop for considerably less than I'd feared, since the older models seem to have gone down considerably (although doubtless there's all sorts of fun stuff involved in back-ordering older models. I'll burn that bridge when I come to it).

Ah. I hope that Spot is charged enough, because I'm late. (again)

*Speaking of, PLEASE TELL ME/POST A REPLY if you want one. Money would be nice too, but that's harder to get over the internet.

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