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Following long-standing tradition, my posts from home tend to be rather more boring, nitty-gritty, and down-to-earth than my posts from school. In this case, quite literally.

Due to one thing and another (no, really just one thing: my brother wasn't going to get back from the shore until very late, and he was being dropped off at dad's house), I stayed at dad's house last night, a night that I was not expecting to spend here. Between the two fitted sheets problem and the fact that it got really cold and windy early this morning, I gave up on sleep at about 5:52 and got up to tackle The Garden.
dun dun DUN )
Four hours of work later, there are now tomatoes in the front garden. Dad will be bringing pepper plants tonight.
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Wow, I post a whole lot more than I used to. I wonder how much time I spent posting (and reading) on lj last year. I wonder how much of it was procrastination. I wonder how much more productive I would be if I didn't . . .

But that's not what I'm here to talk about.

Firstly, I am home.
(And, while we're on that subject, I'll be back at school 17 Jan. I'll see many of you then.)

And then the year meme. (entry titles are bolded, current comments are in italics)

Haven't posted for a while
I know I've been quiet of late (at least on my own journal), but I feel like I don't have all that much to say.

I eat my peas with honey
The library anniversary was totally and completely awesome.
Poor wet library. I hope it's semi-okay.

Dear Aria,
Please consider your declaration of war to be signed, sealed, ribboned and returned.
I am so glad that I'm no longer dealing with that.

Reduction of Ambiguity
It is DECIDED. If I do not have a job in Philadelphia within the next two weeks, I will work in the computer labs here.
And, well, that was the story of my summer. And I'm not sorry about it, although I would've liked to be home.

Today is a day for pleasant smells, like secrets and whatever hot beverage Andria got from the campus center and freshly cut grass and the white shrub by the door to the CMP and Dr. Bronner's Soap.

More dreams
I dreamt that I was flying to Spain, accompanied by a non-related avuncular figure and his wife.

An update from Miriam-land
Since it's always the ginormously long Moodle courses that refuse to transfer properly, and since the French course looks as bad as or worse than the Bio course I just finished moving, (and since none of the bosses are here at the moment,) I'm taking a break to ramble about dreams and books.

Quick update
I'm back. I have internet again. I've checked my 65,000 e-mails, and am now looking at catching up on LJ . . .

I dreamed a dream . . .
Last night I dreamed that I was back at Smith. Only, Smith may have been in Spain. I don't really remember.
he first was contact info, which is boring, so this is the second

In Good News,
Housing has remembered that I exist (at least so far).

Hm, the morning goes much quicker when you've been awake in it once already
In other news, things to do today:
To digress into one of those other memes that I probably won't do, I stayed up past midnight many more times last year that I probably ever have in any other year, or have any intention of doing again any time soon.

Moments in my life
"Dude, Crazy Old Guy is crazy!"

And that was the year. Happy New Year everybody. You can hear about Christmas next week, after it happens.
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So I arrived. The trip home was . . . uneventful. Also long, but that was expected. And, truth to tell, the time spend on the train was less than expected (although total travel time was more than expected) due to the fact that the train arrived 50 minutes late, caught up during the ridiculous amount of time spent waiting in Connecticut (I left school at 12, and the train was supposed to leave at 1:19. At 4:00 I was still sitting in New Haven, CT, and that was on time.) and managed to be half an hour late again by the time we got to Philly. Not that I'm complaining. Well, except about the fact that my fingers got cold while waiting for the train. My fingerless gloves are in my other coat, and I can't read in polartec mittens. But if that's the greatest hardship I have all break, I think that I'll be able to manage. Somehow. Also, many thanks to Talia for Trickster's Choice. Grab and Go was suprisingly good (yay for mozerella and tomato salad, even if the cheese and veggie sandwich turned out to be cheese, one leaf of lettuce, a few lone carrot slivers, and perhaps three slices of pepper . . . someone needs to teach that school how to make a proper sandwich . . . or perhaps I should just kidnap an icepack so that I can have actual meat on these trips). I got into Philly before 10:00 last night.

Being home is very nice. Particularly the wood-stove part. Even if my room is frigid. Oh, right. I like it that way . . . although a little less frigid would be okay. Maybe I just need to convince Aclysm to come be a handwarmer. She seems to have figured out the petting business, even if her purr could use some work. More on being home again later.

So far today, I have )
It's going to be a marvelous break. Even if I miss all of you college-people.

Oh, and for the record, I have once again rediscovered my hate of AOL's browser. But I don't want to go through the bother of installing Firefox on dad's computer.


21 December 2006 10:19 pm
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Here I am, home again.
Things are different.

The bus stop half a block from my dad's house is no longer a bus stop. I discovered this Wednesday afternoon while trying to get back to mom's house. It's not that I mind the extra half-block walk to get to the bus stop a block from my dad's house. But it was cold, and I had to wait for the next bus because the first bus passed me because the stop I was standing at is no longer a stop. Also, if I forget the next time I get off the bus, I will have to walk two blocks back to my dad's house. I am also wondering what this means about the bus stops in general. The fact that I only had to wait about ten minutes for the second bus suggests that they haven't changed the schedule any, but are there other stops that aren't stops any more? If so, how do I know? The schedules they hand out only list the major stops. There's a SEPTA website.
It isn't helpful. I have learned that the 23 is an "owl" route, meaning that it operates 24 hours a day, which I didn't know and may be useful someday (if they don't change it between now and then, which they might), but nothing about eliminating stops. I'll admit that having two stops within half a block of each other is ridiculous, but I would like people to at least tell me if other stops have been eliminated. The one on the other side of the street probably isn't there, but that's okay because it's too hard to cross the street there and I usually go up to the library anyway.

I saw that mom had moved the furniture when I was home for Thanksgiving, but this is the first time I'm having to live with it like this. I think that I like it better, but it's very difficult to tell.
Mom also opened up the space under the stairs for storage, but that's okay because she's been talking about it for a long time, and I helped discuss the plans for it. I think that I will suggest that she put a coatrack on the back wall. I have missed having somewhere to put coats ever since she converted the closet into a first-floor bathroom. The basement stairs just aren't big enough to also be a coat closet.

I think that my brother now sits at my place at the table. I can't be sure, because mom has been known to put people's napkins and glasses in the wrong place before, so maybe she's just discombobulated by having to put three places when she's been doing just one or two for so long, but I think my brother is confused about seating arrangements as well. Now that I think about it, I remember that he's complained about his seat before, because the "heat" vent blows cool air at him, so they probably did switch things. I'm going to keep sitting in my spot, though.

I went to my highschool's winter concert yesterday, and the jazz band did not play either "Summertime" or "Take the A-Train." Oh, the shock! That's a good change, though. Both songs are very nice, but one can get sick of them. I wasn't here for the Thanksgiving concert, so maybe they played them both then. Either way, I think I can survive not hearing them.
Viola wasn't there, and I missed making cynical comments to her in the bits between the songs. The elderly lady next to me was also entertaining, but didn't really cut it for me.

Mrs. B. has moved out. I knew this was coming; Dee has been telling me parts of the saga, including the story behind her Get Out of Hell card. Still, it's one thing to hear bits of it over the phone and be treated to a excellent story over tea, and quite another to walk by the house and see men filling a truck with the last of her stuff. I hope that a family with children moves in; it would be a good house for children.

School was the same - but I felt different. On the outside looking in. Not quite a stranger, but no longer belonging there. As if I'd grown out of it. Invisible. Not when I stopped by Browsers and saw all the juniors - seniors, now - and talked to my teachers, but when I walked up the sidewalk and along the hallways. The eyes of people I knew slid over me without recognition. I don't know if they didn't see me because they didn't expect to see me, or if the fact that seeing me was strange did not register with them, but it felt like invisibility. I wasn't very close to most of my class, but I didn't realize how used to them I had gotten after four years of being together. And they weren't there. There we other people in the halls, and freshmen I did not recognize. I felt like a ghost, as if I no longer existed because my class did not.

Things are also the same.
Everything at school looked the same - down to the portraits of former heads of school, and the masking tape on the floor of the front hall marking footprints under the mistletoe. Browsers smelled the same, and there were crossword puzzles on the table. The middleschoolers looked the same, as did all of my (former) teachers.

Dave called for mom this evening (she was out). That was slightly better than usual, because there was an obvious topic of conversation (me being back from college). It's amazing the way such a sociable man can be so completely at-a-loss over the telephone. He has a talent for making a 30 second call take hours. Also, I managed to get "It's Miriam" in soon enough in the conversation to avoid the really awkward situation where he thinks I'm mom and starts talking to her - to me. I think that none of the long silences lasted any more than 5 seconds, but it was still a fairly typical phone conversation between Dave and I.

I've been having strange dreams lately. I don't remember what I dreamed last night, but the night before Tonje and I were standing on the corner of Carpenter and Germantown Avenue, where the community garden is. I looked across the street, and Mel and some other Smithies were sitting at the cafe tables in front of Grobens. Never mind that Grobens sells fish and that there are no cafe tables. I waved, but they did not see me. Now that I think about it, I realize that the corner looked the way it did before they tore down the grey wall and the billboards and put up the gastronomy office. I can't say that I miss the billboards and their beer ads, but the little garden beneath it was nice, and I don't see how gastro-whatevers do anything for the neighborhood. But all that wasn't in the dream - it was just us standing there, and the people at the cafe tables. I feel that there were lots of dreams like that, a whole sequence of people and places, but I can no longer remember them. It didn't seem odd that a whole bunch of Smithies just showed up in Philadelphia. I think that my subconscious is trying to reconcile the fact that none of my new friends are here, and that I won't see them for nearly a month - more than that for some.

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