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I have a very important question:

Suppose you're a teenage-equivalent alien stuck on Earth because your parents work here, and you're upset that you're stuck on a dirtpit of a planet with bad reception, no social life to speak of, and a bunch of confused ape-descendants who haven't even figured out the basics of interplanetary travel. If you were looking to American popular culture for What Aliens Do, what conclusions would you reach? (Bonus points for things within your budget and available technology level.)

So far we have: make crop circles, disrupt utility networks, and cause general low-level mayhem.

Date: 16 Dec 2012 12:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] harp-of-israfel.livejournal.com
Tweak the evolutionary paths of random local species (that one's not necessarily budget friendly, but you could start with an ant farm), spook and/or abduct hillbillies, hang out with bigfoot, bear enlightenment, brighten the lives of lonely children, prove surprisingly susceptible to the common cold (wouldn't want to go through with this one all the way, but screaming and fainting when someone sneezes might be good for diverting theatrics), beam mysterious codes over little-used radio bands, build pyramids (small ones), impart psychic abilities, irradiate things, deliver fell warnings, pour souls into volcanoes (that one's impractical, I suppose)...

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